Hon. Jarigbe, A Cruising Towards 2019 Re-Election In Cross River State


In every human activity in life, there is always room for leisure irrespective of their status in the society.

Besides, it’s never a crime if any political office holder decide to wine and dine with fellow friends of his constituency.

Like the saying that ‘plenty work and no play makes Jack a dull brain’, is an emphasis that could be related with a man who decide to isolate himself all in the name of been a saint.

To this end, it is improper for some persons to have intentionally posted a picture of Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe,Member Representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency in the Hallowed Green Chamber sitting with friend’s,well-wishers,constituents and followers alike with bottles of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on a table in front of them after a day of numerous political  hussle.

Come to think of it, there is no law or laws in Nigeria that prohibit a lawmaker from exercising their freedom of socialization or celebration in a public gathering.

So, of what essense was the purpose done by such individual? Perhaps, to deface his political integrity in a bid to gain cheap attention from Nigerians or the media.

It is noteworthy to know that Hon Jarigbe remains one of Cross River State distinctive and distinguish lawmaker, who has prioritise the need for total development and growth of his constituency.

Hon Jarigbe popularly known as the man of the people, people’s choice and the strength for the weak is a product in politics that needs not to be advertised before buying. He is vibrant, committed, transparent, humble, accessible and ever ready in service delivery in terms of his leadership. He empowered as many as he can and always there for the students, his health outreach is apt!

His familiarity and aavailability has made a few youths who are jobless trying to blackmail him. The truth is, there is no better representative that will be presented to Ogoja/Yala in the lower chamber than him. He is still the one the cap fit and can deliver well. No vacancy for 2019.

There is no amount of intimidation from anywhere, anyone that will distract Hon Jarigbe because he is a focused and self made man. And the percentage of those finding faults are just those hungry youths who thinks personal interest is the main aim of politics.

It is pertinent to note the following that:

(1)Honorable Jarigbe Agom is a man of unprecedented Humility.

(2)Honorable Jarigbe Agom is a God fearing and dedicated Christian.

(3)Honorable Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe is a very sociable personality who will interact with all and sundry without a care for social status which is one of the reasons he was voted “Man Of Substance” in his undergraduate days in the University Of Calabar.

Honorable Jarigbe Agom is a “Servant Leader” as depicted by the pictures underneath where he hosted Cross Riverians from the 3 senatorial zones during the PDP non-elective convention organized in December 2017 in the FCT where he personally served and made sure all the guests had food and drinks not minding his position in society and the fact that he has numerous aides capable of handling such matters.The Honorable Member Has A Balance Between Social Activities And Work As Is Clearly Evident In The Picture Also Posted Below And No Number Of Bottles On A Table Can Change That..

(4)Honorable Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe has a collosal popularity that is yet unmatched in the history of our politics as a Federal Constituency and even beyond the boundaries of the Northern Senatorial Zone.

(5)Honorable Jarigbe Agom believe’s in the principle of fairness,equity and justice as is evident in the manner with which he interacts and treats all constituents irrespective of social background and political affiliation which is the main reason why he enjoys a gigantic followership and popularity across the state and beyond.

(6)Honorable Jarigbe Agom is at best a social drinker and I,amongst many others can vouch for him;and even if he were to indulge in heavy drinking it would amount to mere hypocrisy for the writer of that jaundiced posts to judge him since it does not affect the manner in which he conducts himself while performing his social and official duties which is the main reason for the idiotic write-up.

(7)Hon Jarigbe Agom is light years above the writers paymaster(s) put together and as such does not crave/need validation from a mere errand boy who gives off the aura of a codeine and tramadol popping,booze guzzling drug fiend/addict in need of rehabilitation if only he would stop wallowing in denial and self pity by humbling himself in the hope that God will use kindhearted men like my principal to free him from the bondage of envy and eternal servitude  as a result of his shallow mindedness.

(8)Ogar Emmanuel Oko should be reminded that he is not a delegate to qualify to vote at the  primaries and is only entitled to one vote which is highly dependent on his ability to register and obtain a permanent voters card(pvc) and as such has no control over the results of the upcoming general  elections.

(9)Ogar Emmanuel Oko needs to learn humility and respect if he is to obtain mercy from God who still uses individuals to bless and change  people for good. .

(10)Hon Jarigbe Agom does not segregate between constituents,even in the National Assembly he operates an open door policy where all have access to him even at short notice.He treats everybody equally and has no preference in the way he interacts on and off official duty.In sitting with his constituents he further proved that all power belongs to God and He gives it to whom He pleases same way He chose him to represent his people in the National Assembly.

By and large no matter what has been posted on Facebook by the individual, it won’t hamper Honourable Jarigbe’s 2019 political ambitions because he deserve more than a second term in office.


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