Hon Godwin Inyiam Resigns in pursuit of Nothern senatorial ambition


He made this decision base on the fact that, the challenges faced by northern senatorial district of cross River State needed urgent attention.

The registrar and his secretary recieve a shock when the letter was tendered to them, because of the managerial revolution Godwin Inyiam brought to the management. The Deputy registrar senior establishment Pastor Usang sheard some tears after he begged Goddy Inyiam not to resign because of his ability to identify a problem and it’s possible solutions, which are geard towards increasing the standard of living. He called him the messiah of our time.
The resignation actualization ended in a thunderous wailing when the general staff heard the news, that their hub has resigned. Godwin Inyiam is loved by many in every sector he finds himself. This are the people needed for effective representation.

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