Hon. Bassey Ewa Seeks Senatorial Seat, Canvasses For Support In Central C’River State


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s Senatorial aspirant of the central senatorial district of Cross River State, Bassey Ewa has lauded the support being shown towards his political ambition in the state by some key figures in the Abi/Yakurr federal constituency.

Ewa’s passion, zeal and dedication to promote the interest of his constituency during his time as two-time speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly has shown his desire to reposition his state to a higher level.

During a brief gathering with some of the high personalities in his constituency, such as His royal majesty of Abi, Ovai Edward Solomon Osim,  Abi chapter Chairman – Egbe Awo, Director General Bassey Ewa campaign organization Mr. Abubakar Ewa, former Rural development Agency (RUDA), Eko ATU, pastor Akali Igboke and – HRM Obol Lopon of ugep in attendance.

The Senatorial aspirant Mr.  Ewa assure the people to be ready to witness his political devidence if elected into the senate.

Known for his philanthropist attitude, Ewa has aided the people of his constituency in various socal, infrastructural and empowerment programmes that has provided jobs for the youths.

Besides, he took up some unfinished projects (such as roads and other projects) within the constituency and completed it in his first year in office.

Applauding some of his selfless works was his Royale Majesty of Abi, Ovai Edward Solomon Osim, who believed Hon. Ewa remains a worthy candidate the people should cast their vote for in 2019 elections.

In the same vein, member of the council of chief commend his doggedness in his political antecedence saying he’s the right man for the job.

“We believe strongly in you because you have been proven tested and trusted.

More so, Abi chapter Chairman – Egbe Awo, welcome Mr Bassey Ewa, saying that he’s the one they all know who has introduced free medical care in Abi local government.

In addition, the Director General Bassey Ewa campaign organization Mr. Abubakar Ewa, appreciate his principal and other political family present in their full participation in the political growth of the central senatorial district.

The DG applauded the senatorial aspirant for his patience in PDP throughout his lifetime and also rate him the lion of the PDP’s central.

Also, former Director General Rural development Agency (RUDA), Eko Atu, charge the people never to  let money buy their conscience but to use their vote to elect the right leaders.

Further more, former leaders of council, Pastor Akali Igboke urged the senatorial aspirant not to forget the people once he’s elected into power.

Finally, HRM Obol Lopon of ugep assured the senatorial aspirant that the people would vote en masse for him in 2019 while appealing to him not to let them down.




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