Hon Ayi Seeks Support For Bakassi Resettlement Bill To Be Passed Into Law


Member Representing Akpabuyo/Bakassi/Calabar South Federal Constituency, Hon Essein Ekpenyong Ayi, has sponsored a bill at the House of Representative meant to give solace to the people of Bakassi.

The bill for an act to Establish Bakassi Resettlement, Integration and Development Commission and For Related Matters, 2018: Sponsored by Hon Essein Ayi, has passed through the second reading after been delibrated at the lower chambers.

Although the bill has failed to gained massive support from the members at the chambers, perhaps, due to the fact that the bill was coming from the minority region in Nigeria and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), however, if the bill is passed into, it’s expected to bring succour to the people.

Rt Hon Essein Ayi is a passionate advocate for the Bakassi people, whose ancestral land were ceded to the Cameroun and were never compensated nor properly resettled.

It’s believed that since some of the displaced people, who have been rendered homeless in the wake of Boko Haram attack can still returned to their ancentral home, then, there is also need for those Nigerians living in the ceded Bakassi area to be remembered.

However, with the bill sponsored by Hon. Ayi still waxing stronger at the lower chambers, there are possibility that it could be passed into law.

This will not just be a legacy of Rt Hon Essein Ayi alone. It will be the legacy of every Cross Riverian.

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