Herdsmen Attack In Plateau: Nigerians Must Stand For Truth – Ukott


A staff of the Cross River broadcasting Cooperation, Rachel Ukott has urged Nigerians to develop a sense of voicing out the truth regardless of where they belong in the society.

He made this call on the backdrop of Sunday’s massacre of Over 100 people of Plateau State by the Fulani Herdsmen.

Commenting on the incident, she said: “The solution to our problems in this country isn’t in d hands of d Govt,,,

“It lies Within us,,,,

“When once we start telling ourselves d bitter truth no matter how bad it hurts,,,there’ll be peace,,,

“When once we forgive each other n not bear any form of grudge against each other even when we share d same communion cup in our various denominations,,,, there’ll be peace,,,,
Why do u hate a brother or sister n you’re liking his or her picture on any social media platform???

“There is nothing that will bring back the mercies of God than Unity in this Nation n Love,,,,

“Let’s practice what we preach,,,,

“Be stern when u mount the podium to preach,,,, Don’t be bias,,,,,

“Let your congregation know that its not all about riches,fame, wealth n so on,,,,
But it’s all about love,sacrifice,unity etc,,,

“Learn to tell our political leaders the truth,,,
Where they have failed, they will seat up,,,
And if they don’t,,, we vote them out,,,

“But its so unfortunate that,/Politicians of today observe d table manners,,,

“They’ve refused talking while eating,,,
At some point,,your voices must be heard,,,
Don’t applaud your Governor with d slogan DIGITAL,,,DIGITAL,,,DIGITAL,,,

“And in turn go behind him to say he has failed in his administration,,, Let him know the truth,,,,
Tell them the truth,,, Let them know we are lacking behind,,,

We are breeding generations of vipers,,,,
Filled with Greed,, This incessant deaths are too much,,, Nigeria oh my beloved country,,,,
God save our gracious Nation Nigeria,,,
We plead for your Mercy,,,

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