Happy Birthday To A Man Of Substance, The People’s leader~ Dr.Stephen Odey.


Life is made more meaningful when true friends come into your life.

The vigour and vitality your passionate, caring and kind hearted friendship has brought into my family is immeasurable.

When the data and statistics of good friends will be taken in heaven, I will tell my Lord Jesus that you are a wonderful friend.

As you mark your birthday today, I bring you best wishes and good tidings from myself and multitude of other Cross riverians who are appreciative of all that you do to advance the cause of your people.

In this our time and era, there is no voice so firm and clarion to make a case of the common man at the grassroots as yours.

There is no vision so clear and focused to develop, advance and sustain the daily endeavours of every friend as your accommodative heart .

As our friend and torchbearer, you have never reneged in your willingness and ability to reciprocate the loyalty and allegiance that you enjoy from us.

At the slightest opportunity availed to do so, you always protect and stand by your friends through thick and thin.

Little wonder you enjoy unalloyed and immaculate loyalty to the extent that most of your friends are prepared to take the battlefield salvoes on your behalf.

The above have not come without a price. You have laid so much on the line to fight and protect our present and future amidst internal and external pressure and distractions, but as it pleases the Almighty God, you have been and will keep surmounting them all.

We are truly privileged to have a man like you in leadership in our time.

May Almighty God, who has kept you these years till today, continue to use you to accomplish His will for our land and our people.

Happy birthday my learned friend, brother and political ally.

From the office of the Senior Special assistant on Mobilization and enlightenment, Cross River State.Chief Mrs.Angela Ogeyi Odey

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