Guber Election, Anti-party System And The Way Forward In Cross River State By Odu Modlin


The Bible says a man cannot serve two masters at the same time. Greed is man’s greatest undoing. Many appointees of government are scared of being exposed for playing anti-party during the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly election on the sympathetic grounds of “taking away food from them”. While some did it openly and confidently, one begins to wonder where such audacity came from. Particularly in the Northern and Southern district of Cross River State. While the party was struggling to deliver her candidates, they were busy sabotaging the efforts conscious or unconscious of the eyes of Nemesis watching them dig their graves politically. A party man understands that “party is supreme” but some people dare this supremacy for whatever reason. There’s absolutely no rationale in the expression “support person not party” for those who have identified and are beneficiaries of a political party (Please, my opinion). The victory or failure of party candidates is collective. A party man cannot dissociate himself from either of them. Those anti-party warlords confuse voters when they say vote A of my party for this and B of the other party for that. If you’re working for your party, do it thoroughly. The evidence is in the result.

As 9th of March speeds in, party leaders of the People’s Democratic Party and our dear Governor should be on guard and on ground please. Conspicuously in this present political dispensation, big names no longer have absolute control over polling units as the real harvesters of votes are in some cases, not appointees but grassrooters. They are the politically unoticed yet energetic youths and women, some of whom are living in villages whose support is borne more out of love for a party especially, the PDP, a household name.

Applause to those who justified their commitments to the party by spending their personal money, dedicating time to scout for votes and were on ground to ensure a smooth, free and fair electoral process in their polling units and the victory of the party. However, corrections should be taken and lessons learnt as we proceed to reiterate with our votes that, Cross River State remains a PDP controlled state yesterday, today and hopefully, tomorrow.

Modlin Odu.

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