Governorship Election: Be Wise, Vote For Competent, Reliable Governor – Sunny Nneji Tells Cross Riverians


Veteran singer, Sunny Nneji has appealed to the people of Cross River State to use their voting mandate to elect a competent and reliable governor ahead of Saturday’s governorship election in the state.

Known for his popular song ‘Oruka’, the multiple award winners called for the need to elect a leadership that would move the interest of the state forward. He insisted that government should always consider the needs of the retirees, teachers, hoteliers, transporters, and farmers in the state.

It will be recall that the two major candidates in the governorship election are the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate/incumbent governor, Ben Ayade and the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, John Owan-Enoh.

There is no doubt that the people are poise for choice but then, Nneji warned that only governor with the true intention of making life worth meaningful should be elected on Saturday.

He said.’I attended the launch of a medical website yesterday called e-health. It was in memory of a friends late wife; she died in circumstances you could call “gross incompetence” by the Doctor. Several people also shared their experiences; a lady who lost the niece, a gentleman who lost the mother and I suddenly realized that, hey, my cousin had cotton wool left inside his wife’s body after a surgical operation.

“The truth is that it’s not only prevalent in the medical field; it cuts across every sector of our society. Think about it, that’s why we don’t seem to be making much progress as a people. What’s more worrisome is the fact that we all complain but yet condone it and sometimes celebrate it. How do we condone it? You may ask… Well, when we celebrate, promote and reinforce incompetence based on sentiments. I said in one of my songs ” Na we dey take our hand dey do ourselves”

“Will you vote on sentimental lines or will you be true to yourself, your children and their future for once. I wrote a song titled “SUNNY NOBI BINGO”
I said in the song; “If you give me rice, I go chop. If u give me beans, I go chop. But because u give me food chop, no mean say I no go talk again”
We should always tell ourselves the truth if we must grow. Cross River State is not working…. Paying salaries alone to Government employees doesn’t cut it. Retirees are complaining, Teachers are complaining, farmers are complaining, Hoteliers are complaining, shop owners are complaining, transporters are complaining, students are complaining, market women are complaining even Government appointees are also complaining. The state isn’t attractive anymore…. No it’s not right !

“Moving forward; whatever mistakes we may have made in the past are in the past. On Saturday we have another opportunity to make a more informed decision. I’m not a member of any political party but I believe you must belong to one to contest in an election; they’re simply platforms for contesting elections, especially the way they’re structured right now in Nigeria. However, I truly desire for things to be better for you and I and that’s why you must vote for someone who is competent and has sincere love for the people. Look around you; are things working?

“How’s your life? Is it better? Is it tougher? Is there water? Is there light? What about the roads? Are they better? Are there even roads? What about education? What about health? What about agriculture? What about security? Do you feel safer now or more afraid to move about? Is the state attracting any investment or are people running away? How is the environment? Is your environment cleaner or dirtier?

“Everything I’ve listed above and more. Sincerely, in your heart, without sentiment, do you think Government had done well by you? As we decide who will be our Governor for the next 4yrs, let’s ask ourselves; would we like things to continue the way they are? If a Doctor’s incompetence resulted in the death of your first child, would you take your second child to the same Doctor?

“What we should consider above all else is THE PERSON; IS HE COMPETENT? IS HE RELIABLE? IS HE A GOOD MAN. Someone who has genuine love for the people. Someone who’s proud of his people. Someone who considers his people first. Someone who understands that the power of Government is to affect and change people’s circumstances for the better. To enrich the people. To create enabling environment for business and creativity to thrive. Someone who keeps his words to the people. It must always be about the people and not self. If you’re a bad man, the party doesn’t make you good and if you’re a good man the party doesn’t make you bad. A GOOD MAN IS A GOOD MAN regardless.

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