Governor Ayade a Man With a Golden Heart Says Ogar Eba


I am glad that the consciousness of everyone to the clamour for Ayade Nobel prize was pioneered by a man who in every sense of morphology, syntax and semantics cannot be said to have made such a deserving cornucopia because of any political persuasion or patronage.

It is what in jurisprudence of law of evidence can best be likened to a “dying declaration” – meaning a statement made without any iota of lie or falsity because u are at the splendid port of exit from mother earth.

The time to re-echo Mr. Donald Duke’s call on the world to appreciate the legendary works of our amiable Governor, H. E. Sen. Prof. Barr. Benedict Ayade for Nobel prize is now.

The man whose constant political moral instructions and adjuration to us is ensconced in the teaching that: we should moderate hatred with love, reverse vengeance done to us, provide a shoulder for the weak to lean on etc, and his practical demonstration of same has remained a classic reference point to be emulated by generation of leaders awaiting birth.

Against this backdrop and propelled by the yearning of no less a statesman like His Exellency Mr. Donald Duke, I want to add my voice not only to the call by Mr.Donald Duke but to the immediate implementation of this laudable call.

I shall reserve my One Million reasons for want of over tasking your kind attention.

Alphonsus Ogar Eba Esq,
DG Due Process and Price Intelligence Bureau, Cross River State.

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