Gov Ayade Calls For Exploration Of Crude Oil In Cross River State


Appeals To FG For Financial Assistance

Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade has called on the Federal Government to assist the state financially in the exploration of Crude oil in order to create a better living for the people.

Gov Ayade made this statement when he held a brief meeting with some members of his team at the government house in Calabar to discuss ways on how the state could create other source of income via the oil and gas exploration.

He argued that it’s abnormal for Akwa Ibom and Cameroon to possess crude oil while they lag behind.

“How could Cross River State lie between Akwa Ibom and Cameroon? How could Akwa Ibom have Crude oil, Cameroon have Crude oil and Cross River State doesn’t have Crude oil? It is not true in science; it is not true in chemistry; it is not true in geology; it is not true in petro-physics.

“I think it is an issue of unethical analogy that government must make sure they put specific interest in frontier exploration lose in Cross River State.

“Moreso, we have done preliminary studies that have established the high level of abnormalies that existed of hydro carbone perhaps in certain states such as Payan, Biase and stretching towards Okomu and down to Lokoja, Yala and Obudu local government. Where we have hydro carbone gas deposited in there in terms of gas and crude oil. But the exploration has been difficult because the state doesn’t have neither the financial capacity or have gotting the appropriate approval.

“These are some of the challenges that confront us as a state inspite of the clarity that faces us today to be able to create a new opportunity and move the state away from its independence on the Federal government.

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