Fresh graduate allegedly butchered into pieces


An official of the University said the school is not aware of the murder of the student.

Body of the final year student of Ekiti State University dumped by the roadside.  (@iamthatgeorge/Twitter)

A fresh graduate of Ekiti State University has allegedly been butchered into pieces by unknown assailants.

A Twitter user who shared the picture of the dead body dumped by the roadside with arms and head severely dismembered only said the student was murdered.

The name of the student and department where graduated from are not mentioned in the tweet.

However, voplink reached out to Ekiti State University through a telephone number on the school website to confirm the authenticity of the incident.

An official of the University who received the call simply said the institution is not aware the incident and ended the call.

He was called again and he said “I have not heard of that, let me find out” and ended the call again abruptly.

Meanwhile, the murder of the student has been attributed to the endless rivalry between two cult groups, Eiye and Aye in the University.

A graduate of the school who doesn’t want his name mentioned said fraternity war in Ekiti State University is real adding that students are usually murdered by cult members in horrendous manner mostly after exams.

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