The Fortune Of PDP Is Dwindling In C’River state says Genevive Edu Calls For National Intervention


The Fortune of PDP Dwindles in Cross River State as Governor Ben Ayade tries to intimidate other aspirants out of contest as popular aspirants and founding member of PDP Cross River opens up an inroad to other party to thrive in cross River State.


During a telephone conversation, a frontline aspirant who once served as a Special Assistant to the Governor on Diaspora Matters in a PDP administration and a founding member of PDP in Cross River State laments over personal greed and parochial interest, intimidation and cheat that marred the leadership of PDP in Cross River state hence impoverishing the people daily from bad to worse without sight of hope in the near future which is not good for the people and Democracy. As a founding member of PDP in Cross River state, I have no choice than to state this early she said.


Mrs Genevive Omoregie who is aspiring for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency warned any attempt to grab, arm twist and hijack by few cabal whose only interest it to perpetuate themselves in position of power in the name of democracy and string to worsen the living condition of the people.


Genevive  called on PDP National body to urgently intervene as PDP Cross River state is sliding to extinction.

She quoted the governor as saying that arrangement has been concluded that all serving elected political officers will continue as this was MOU signed by the PDP Governors.


Genevive said she will appear for screening and urged other aspirants not to chicken out as this is the time to represent and liberate their people from slavery and oppression that are telling on the lives of the people.


She concluded that all intending aspirants should appear for screening to enable them represent their constituency worthily.

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