EXCLUSIVE: Ayade, Umahi, Uwuanyi And Others Set To Join The APC – Presidency Reveals


The Presidency has disclosed that the All Progresives Congress (APC) would not in any way succumb to the defection tactics from a section of their members and lose focus for the big task ahead of them in 2019.

It will be recall that since the beginning of the week, few members such as Senate Present, Bukola Saraki, Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Dino Melaye, Ibrahim Dambaba, Senator Abdul-Azeez Murtala-Nyako, to mention a few, have left APC to pit tent with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

But then, that appears not to have any impact on the All Progessives Congress as they are optimistic of overcoming the sudden departure of some of their members by commanding the politics of Nigeria ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Besides, the Presidency told Voplink MEDIA that plans are underway to receive some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who are willing to join the APC in months to come.

They believe APC being a progressives party has an ideology different from PDP and that PDP are a conservative party that has little of no stronghold in Nigeria.

However, the Presidency called for a true opposition that would be ready to criticise a government constructively in order to help such government for the best.

“I don’t really think those people who have decamped from the All Progressives Congress (APC) have made this party weak. No way. Those who left the party now will still make a come back to the party later on. See, it is all about the ideology now and not about ‘chop-chop’.

“Watch those who have been in PDP for years, they wanted to leave but they just don’t see the difference between PDP and APC in Delta State.

“Two of them were looking alike, but now the difference is coming gradually as those who wants to return to PDP are returning home. Like I said earlier on, it has to be based on Ideology. We are progressives and not conservative.

“The truth is all the conservative will move back to PDP becuse that’s where they belong. That’s where there like minds will meet. While all the Progressives will return to APC and we are getting ready for them. We are just waiting for them to finish their own.

“If you are overweight and you lose weight, how would you feel? I guess you feel better. And if you are overweight, doctor will tell you that you will die soon and all sort of things like that because your breathing won’t be good and your heart will be overworked.

“We are very happy that they are leaving. Like the National Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole will say it that ‘we are very happy. How can you have traitors in your midst and you expect to move forward; you can’t move forward.

Meanwhile, the Presidency also stated that the idea of putting blames of President Muhammadu Buhari won’t help to solidify the achievements been made by him considering how he has been criticized by PDP

“Even PDP must show a sign of responsible opposition because it is a collective efforts and not one man’s effort.

“You don’t expect President Muhammadu Buhari to be perfect in all areas. He certain to make mistakes and we need people who would criticise positively and not negatively like what PDP are doing presently.

“When train arrives from Agbor to Warri, PDP will condemn it. If any good things comes from APC, PDP will condemn it. They also need to be part of the government if everybody needs to be part of the government. Because before it was conservatively than progressively in Nigeria. We want PDP to be a good opposition.

“The fact that the government recovered loot wasn’t made to Nigerians, what then was the National Assembly.EFCC have lifted it and the next thing people start pointing accusing fingers at President Buhari. They have the list of the looters, leg them make laws to it so that we can send it but they refused. Besides there are four signatures for every recovered money such as the EFCC, Anthony General and eye witness.

“Already States like Ebonyi, Enugu and Cross River are thinking towards President Buhari’s direction; something which tells you that we are going to win the battle at the end.

Interestingly, Gov Ayade, who has been struggling to perform like his predecessor, Imoke, had reached out to President Muhammadu Buhari’s top aides and indicated his interest to defect.

Also, he is the only opposition governor in the South-South that has hosted Buhari twice and was recently on the president’s entourage to the ECOWAS summit in Togo.

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