Even Northerners Fears Fulani Herds Men


I had some good discussion with some guys, one from Jos and another from southern Kaduna in a bus trip to one a neighboring states. Both expressed great dislike for Fulani Herdsmen. Each of them recounted their experience of how Jos and Southern Kaduna have become victims of systematic attacks orchestrated by another version of Boko Haram, who also go by the name ‘Fulani Herdsmen’.

It is not about religion here, both quite a number of Muslims and Christians are victims of herdsmen attack. How they have contained these blood testy murderers is by combined efforts. Like in southern Kaduna once a soft spot is attacked, the indigenes of the area notify themselves and go for reprisals attack. In these reprisals, there is no forgiveness, that is often the reason southern Kaduna is always boiling

The experience of Fulani Herdsmen is not different in other parts of the state outside of Northern Nigeria. It happened in Benue and Imo and the terrorists killed so many people. No one hates the herdsmen because they are Muslims, the extreme cannibalism of Fulani herdsmen is hated by Nigerians both Christians and true Muslims. They are not hated for being Muslims but because of their Islamic fundamentalism.

These men are hated because they are bringing a bad a name to the president. People have asked why they have not been declared them a terrorist group as done to IPOB. The problem of tackling their menace is because the façade they as herdsmen and not terrorist; but under the cover, they perpetrate heinous crimes in furtherance of a fundamentalist form of Jihad.

Just after being driven by the Benue people, as a result of the Benue State Anti Grazing Law, they made entrance into Yala and they have just began the killing that is always associated with them.

Our dear governor must urgently move for the passage of anti grazing laws to safeguard his citizenry. This is not time play politics to with the lives of the people of Cross River State because of pecuniary interest. We are aware these people pay a lot to lobby the government but we must think Cross River State and not money before our people. 2019 is near to judge

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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