Etung/Obubra: Why Fabian Okpa Remains the Best Option?


In life, it is said choices are a permanent feature of life.

No wonder,the choice made today could make or mare our future and those of generations to come. It is therefore pertinent that humans make choice only after careful consideration of options available. Choices made without proper thinking are trademark of the mentally challenged, while well informed choices are products of sane and sound mind.

To this end,elections are here again. Opportunity for all to choose who they want to rule or represent them for the next four years from among the arrays of contenders for various elective positions. Most politicians are rightly compared with seducers who promise heaven on earth just to get what they want. Deception is their trademark. That is why,this coming elections is very crucial for the good people of etung/obubra federal constitutency of Cross River.

Presently, the constititency is bedeviled with bad governance at the federal house of representative,however it seems there is some respite through good leadership, to be offered by honourable Fabian Okpa.

The people of the constitutency have resolved to replace the present bad representation at the national assembly for the constitutency with the huge clamour by majority of people and groups in etung/obubra to support honourable fabian okpa as their representative.

Honourable fabian okpa,an astute politician and an experienced leader is sure the people’s choice as large numbers of people and groups representing the interest of women,youths,students from his constitutency accompained him to submit his nomination form to vie as their representative at house of representative in abuja, a choice the people are very proud of.

In the word of one of the excited people who came with honourable okpa to submit his form at the peoples democratic party office in calabar,patrick obasse”we are here in large numbers to tell the world that our choice for the house of representative is fabian okpa and ww are totally with him .He is a man we are well pleased to represent us.”

Speaking after submitting his nomination form,honourable okpa said l am in the race to represent my people because they have insisted it must be me so l have no choice but to answer their clarion call.l have promised them l will never fail them”.

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