England Base’s Mr Julius Uti Relishes Sweet Love With Wife


Love have a way of reserving your best partner for the right relationship irrespective of how long they might have been apart. It is a carefully and desirable affairs that create total serenity within the minds of two love birds.

Dreaming of settling down with someone you love may require patient and perseverance regardless of the distance.

This is a typical love story of Nchor Julius Uti, who despite been rejected by a lady he extremely loved, later achieve his purpose after some few years.

An indigene of Otugwan in Cross River State but presently based in Manchester, England, Mr Julius Uti has indeed found the joy of his life and apparently, succeeded in realizing his dream.

“It was in 1995, I was in primary 5B, in St Patrick’s primary school Obudu, while She was in primary 1 in another school. When I walked into the class room, i saw a girl with my friend Attah and the brother Unimke. The brother was a friend, we always played football together.

“Forward to 2010, I saw her again, standing alone in a corner by the CHRUTECH school gate. I loved what I saw while recognizing her face. I ask for her number, she decline, after some hours, I saw her again, she give me her number. She told me who she was and what she might not like to hear from me. We spoke at length that day. I asked if she like me to come and assist her with the submission of academic files. To my delight, she was committal. She was a descriptive person, a girl in a state of total array. Her hair was well kept, her clothing clean and she moved in a gainfully way.

“I wanted her desperately, but I knew I’d have to make bones about it. There were two ways about it, either she says yes or no. but the chances that someone as unflappable as I would be ept enough to become insignificant was terrifying. I was, after all, looking for some love to sneeze out. Lol

“So I decided not to risk it. Stayed in friends zone for a year. But then, all at once, for some apparent reason, i asked her out, and she looked in my direction. After 6 years of wonderful relationship, I acted in a good way and made my way through to the family. She responded well, and I was happy that she considered me a favourable character who was up to something good. Here we are on a journey of 1 year and many months and a journey for ever.

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