An elderly woman has a word of advice for the Nigerian youth regarding the country and the future of Nigeria


In a video which was shared by Area Fada, the grandma told Nigerian youths it was time to take the country back. She went on to advise that leaving the country in search of greener pastures should not be the priority of the youths.

She said: “My grandsons and my granddaughters of Nigeria, it is time for you people to wake up. It is enough. Enough is enough. You can’t be mumu forever. Mumu is over. Mumu for youths of Nigeria is over. I ask the youths of Nigeria to stand up now. Oya, match off. Stand up now and take the country, the government for yourself, and build it how you want to build it.

“Don’t enter ship and go wherever you normally go to find green pasture. The green pasture is here in Nigeria. It’s here. Don’t go and die on that red sea there oh. Stay. Build Nigeria. Make Nigeria one.

“Nigeria must be one, whether enemy like it or not. Nigeria is our own and we’re proud of Nigeria.”

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