DOPT Director General donates May salary to State Government


Comrade Godwin Nyiam, the Director General of the Department of Public Transportation, DOPT, has donated his May salary back to government.

Comrade Nyiam said the money should be utilised as his contribution for the execution of some projects like the fixing of the median kerb rails which have been destroyed by reckless drivers along Marian Road.

“I feel in my little way, I should make a contribution particularly in the sector I work by fixing some of those rails that divide the road around the Marian Market that have been pulled down so that pedestrians can use the bridge and avoid risking their lives ”.

He said when the rails are fixed, pedestrians would not meander through the openings created on the rails but use the pedestrian bridge so that lives would be safe guarded and make traffic smooth.

He said life does not constitute only in taking from the system but made better when those who are benefitting from it also contribute to make the system work better.

He said the governor has done so much for both the people and land of Cross River state and if he could do that by using intellectual money why can others support in their own little way

It would be recalled that Comrade Nyiam contested for the post of senator for the northern district of the state and did very well and since his appointment as DOPT Director General he has pursued the work with zeal bringing many innovation into the department.

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