I didn’t promise of doing a single term tenure during my 2015 campaign, Hon Eta Mbora reacts.


The National Assembly Member representing Calabar Municipal/Odukpani Federal Constituency of Cross River State , Hon Eta Mbora has said emphatically that he did not make any promise to his constituent during the campaigns in 2015 that he is coming to complete someone term or run for a single term as speculated in the social media.

The House of Reps member also said that he has decided to seek re-election next year following the clamour by various groups/individuals in the constituency for him to do so.

Hon Eta made this known on Tuesday morning during an interactive session with him about the development stride of the constituency, his achievements and his role in the one term agreement propaganda.

He said: “I did not make any single term promise while campaigning in 2015. One thing we did during our campaign was that we made sure we did not make fictious promise to the people.”

“The news making round is not true. I am aware of my predecessor’s response through social media on the same issue that the agreement was made within the auspices of her campaign organisation which does not bind him or anyone from the Federal Constituency.

He said the general public should disregard such rumour of him signing or verballly agreeing to run one tenure alongside his predecessor, Hon Nkoyo Toyo in a caucus session.

According to him, in legislative business you get stronger as you are going forward and it’s very absurd for someone to come and say that he is completing someone’s term. He queried if he was the person’s twin.

Let me boldly state it clearly that when this political dispensation started in 1999 and PDP would zone a position to a particular area other parties will follow suit and in 1999 Odukpani was adopted to take the first front of the zoning which Hon. Ekpo Essien Ita from Odukpani was accidentally defeated by Ambassador Asuquo Eyoma of APP who is also from Odukpani.

He ran his first tenure and wanted going for his second tenure before Prince Bassey Edet Otu came in from our party,PDP and won the election and repeated another term to make it third term in a row for Odukpani LGA.

According to him, Prince Bassey Otu proceeded to run for Senate from Odukpani and won the election and that period Calabar Municipality was very supportive as even Deputy Governor and Party Chairman were domiciled in Odukpani.

“So if as a brother and from one federal constituency I was able to wrestle the seat from Hon. Toyo and do a tenure, I should be allowed to do a second tenure and level up the three term Odukpani had then.

Hon. Eta opined that he is always involved in a competitive party primaries from two term as the Mayor of Calabar Municipality and Member of Cross River State House of Assembly. I had always emerged victorious because of my penchant for grassroots involvement and delivery of services to my people.

He disclosed that today’s dynamic composition of democracy allows competitive challenges for elective positions at all level.

Hon Eta said he will continue delivering on his campaign promises amidst the height of propagandists, rumour peddlers who have resorted to blackmailing and coercing him to accept what he did not promised.

“I appeal to Calabar Municipality and Odukpani people to remain steadfast and keep on being supportive so that I can complete what I have started because I don’t feel accomplished” the MP said.

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