C’River youth In Politics Endorses Hon. Regina Anyogo For Second Term


The state executive of Cross River youths in politics in collaboration with the Yala local government executive, converge at the Cross River State house of Assembly and adopt hon. Regina for second term bit.

The state Chairman Comrade Julius Obanghe Kijuo, in his opening remark stated that the mission of the organization is to support young people in office and to support new breeds to occupy a rightful place in politics, and that the group is not ready to patronize bring down syndromes by fellow youths.
Julius Catalog reasons why the group considered Hon. Regina for Adoption
-Entrepreneur program and donation of sowing machines amongst others? I teams to those strained
– Giving financial assistance to students of yala (Bursary )
-Encouraging farmers with fertilizers amongst others uncommon project, on the same vain the chairman commended her in the number of human Oriented bills she as passed in the house
Just as the group has distinguished itself, The group donated election stickers to the house member and promised to support her both financially for her second term bit.
On the same vein, the chairman call on hon. Regina to address her challenge of not taking calls and replying of messages as complained by her constituency.

The house member commended the group for finding her worthy and that the group has so distinguish itself that it has become influential in the politics of Cross River state.

Hon Anyogo Commends Gov Ayade’s Involvement Of Youth In His Government.

The social political group, who paid a courtsey visit to Hon Anyogo’s office on Tuesday, disclosed that their willingness to support her was based on the transformation been witnessed within the Constituency.

Hon Anyogo was quick to assure the group that in a matter of time Cross River State would compete with Lagos State in area of industrialization.

She also applauded the Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade for including the youths in his governance since taking over power in 2015.

“Very soon Cross River State will be competing with Lagos State when it comes to industrialization.

“I am using this platform to apologise to anyone who feels I don’t reply to there messages considering the fact that sometimes I am always busy.

“Well, I have numbers of motions, like you know, in the legislative house you either move motions or you pass bills. I also move a motions about the crisis between the Tiv People in the Oshisha local government area. And you know the crisis have been there even before we were born. So we have to move that motion in order to stop the crisis.

“We have also move a motion on the grazing bill. Concerning the Empowerment programme, I don’t take credit to what I don’t do because I just trained people on skills acquisition such as learning how to sow and hair dressing.

“I also took up the challenge of paying student bursary because I understand what it takes to get certain things done in school.

“I also want to use this medium to thank the Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade because he’s a youth as well and without him most of us won’t be here today.

“The truth is I have actually passed four bills in the house. But the bill on equal opportunity for all persons included the Youths, women as well people with deformity. So we are making every effort to ensure that everyone of us are giving that privilege to enjoy the dividends of DeDemocracy. That is what the bills talks about and we are eagerly waiting to pass it into law.

Meanwhile, in the words of Comerade Charlton Oluohu , he said that Hon Anyogo deserves a second term based on her track records in areas of empowerment programmes and development of the Constituency.

“Hon Regina Anyogo has that track records of a quality leadership as displayed in the three years she has spent; having pass many bills in the chambers and the Empowerment programmes she has implemented. On behalf of the entire excos of your indigene Constituency, we humbly show our support for you ahead of the 2019 Elections.

Also, Oko, a student president in the local government stated that Hon Anyogo’s second term mandate would be gladly welcome and that her critics should see something positive in her.

” I am a living testimony to the success story of Regina Anyogo in the governance of his Constituency. I have participated in the politics and elections in Cross River State and I really appreciate the extent which she has went about her business.

“Although I once criticise her but not on social media however, having come closer to her, I have come to realise that she’s just a simple person.

“Some part of my team visited some of her empowerment programmes she organised in some Constituency and I am glad she has done pretty well to deserving a second term.

In the same vein, a member of the Biase local government said that Hon Anyogo remains the only candidate worthy of re-election in the 2019 elections in Cross River State.

“You are not just a representative of the Abi/Yakurr Constituency but you are a true leader of Cross River State at large. I want to inform you that the people of Biase Constituency ars delighted with your good work and will solidly support you in 2019.

In addition, another lady from the Cross River State in Youth for Good Governance (CRSYGG), stated that Hon Anyogo has develop love for the youths and women at large based on how she has carried everyone along.

“Cross River State in Youth for good governance is a socio-political group that encourages political participations.

“We the women of Cross River State wants to assure you that we will support your re-election in 2019 because you have carried people most especially the women in whatever you do. And we believe you shall be victorious.

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