C’River: Ezama, Cross Riverians Celebrate Ayade’s Victory


It was spontaneous jubilation by members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Chief Mrs.Theresa Ezama as Senator Benedict Ayade was declared Governor-elect by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Chief Mrs.Theresa Ezama and key members of the party had gathered at her residence in Okuku through out Saturday and Sunday night glued to the television set awaiting the announcement of the result and at exactly 20.35 am, Ezama raised the chorus ‘mma mma’ singing praises to God at the pronouncement of Senator Ayade as the Governor-elect.

Speaking at the occasion,Ezama said it was a historic day for Senator Ayade and thanked God that the state witnessed a peaceful electoral process.

‘It was a total victory for all Cross Riverians”,Ezama said.

At the occasion, Chief Ezama, whose message was laced with praises to God, thanked Cross Riverians, assuring her supporters that Ayade will continue to run an all-inclusive government.

“This victory is for all Cross Riverians, it shows that we are united, I congratulate other contestants and I want to plead with them to join hands with Senator Benedict Ayade to build a greater Cross RIVER STATE”, Ezama said, adding, “there are no winners or losers in this election, Cross River State is the winner”.

Continuing, she said, “we will accommodate the views of everybody so as to take the state to greater heights, I, therefore, want to call on all Cross Riverians to partner with Ayade led government in the development of our state as it belongs to all of us.”

Ezama thanked party faithful for their contributions to Ayade’s victory, asserting, “I want to thank the people’s democratic party for laying the foundation for a greater Cross River State, it is my prayer that we will continue to build on the legacies of the PDP-led administrations and provide efficient services for our people”.

Ezama emphasised that a united Cross River State cannot be compromised.

She said, “this is a good victory for the entire Cross River State, I was confident that the PDP will win”, adding, “Ayade is very experienced and he will continue to handle satisfactorily, affairs of technocrats and politicians in the state and he will develop the three Senatorial Districts of the state without bias in his second term”.

it is victory for all, the best man for the job won, losers should join hands and work in the interest of Cross Riverians because, government is like an Elephant, no single man can finish the meat.

“The victory was not unexpected, this is a PDP state and I expect a government that will not believe in marginalisation or work based on gossips, Senator Ayade is going to be one of the best Governors Cross River State has ever produced”.

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