C’River: I can’t confirm if Petex is alive or not- Police Commissioner


Mr Austin Agbonlahon, the Cross River State Commissioner of Police says he cannot confirm if ace broadcaster, Mr Petex Etim is still alive or not.

Speaking with journalists on Monday at the Ernest Etim Bassey Press Centre during an interaction, the Police Commissioner said investigations are still on to unravel the whereabouts of Petex Etim who was abducted in his home in Calabar about ten months ago.
“ I cannot confirm the story. Generally you cannot confirm somebody’s death when you have not seen the corpse. On that premise ou can take a position. Incidentally the incident happened while I had not come here, however it was brought to my knowledge. Investigation is still on and we have no los hope”.
He said incidents of kidnappings have reduced since he assumed office following the measures he put in place to check mate the activities of hoodlums.
He however advised residents to make friends with police men to ensure that whenever they are or smell trouble they can reach such a friend who will take the necessary measures to assist them.
“If you have a police friend even if he is not on ground he could call anywhere and say so and so person is in trouble and the police knows how handle the situation”.
Speaking on inter communal strife, Mr Agbolanhon said instead of people engaging in unnecessary killing of themselves expecting the police to intervene, leaders in such communities should take measures to ensure that conflict is nipped in the bud before it erupts.

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