C’River 2023 And Ndoma Egba’s Insincere Call For The Jettisoning Of Zoning


Sen. Ndoma Egba had as reported days ago in the media , precisely  on Monday , August 1, 2019 , unjustifiably submitted that come 2023, Cross Riverians should jettison the factor of rotation or zoning   on who becomes their next  governor.

Since 2023 is still far away , one would have totally ignored the partisan kite recently  flown  by the erstwhile majority leader in the Senate , Senator Victor Ndoma Egba on the need for Cross Riverians to jettison zoning in considering who occupies the Cross River State House come 2023.
However, since propaganda is part of the weapons always deployed in politics to market an idea , genuine or otherwise, and in our own clime here in Nigeria, massage the ego of an individual as the best material for a position and invariably , situating such an idea or the person being marketed , in the mindsets of the people, there is the need to react to such hypocritical proposition.
My stand is that competence, equity and fairness should be the yardstick used in Cross River State to decide on who occupies the State House as this is a way of promoting peace and unity amongst people of an area and the route upon which development in whatever way, can be achieved .
Sen. Ndoma Egba should not be quick to forget that it is on the basis of the arrangement anchored on rotation and of course , competence, that former Governor Donald Duke from the Southern axis of the State emerged in 1999 and meritoriously served till 2007 before handing over the baton to Sen.Liyel Imoke from Cross River Central as Governor from 2007 to 2015 and upon which the incumbent executive governor, Professor Ben Ayade from the Northern zone of the State ,  got the support of the people across the State to take over in 2015 with attendant renewal of mandate in May this year .
It is very clear that zoning has brought peace and unity to Cross River State and, it is a fact that competence can be found in all the Senatorial zones of the State. Therefore, Ndoma Egba’s attempt to disarrange a generally accepted zoning arrangement by hiding behind a finger under the cover of competence and marketing someone who hails from the Northern zone of the State , the same zone the incumbent Governor, Professor Ben Ayade comes from is an attempt at political anarchy, to say the least.
Well, Sen. Ndoma Egba can go ahead with his selfish and dead on arrival proposition and get it through within his camp but he cannot disrupt the political template upon which the zoning arrangement was put into place by the people of the State of which Ndoma Egba himself was a participant and a clear beneficiary as a Senator and Senate Leader.
Would Sen. Ndoma Egba been able to have emerged as a senator or Senate Leader without zoning? NO.
It is therefore laughable for somebody of Ndoma Egba’s calibre , to be calling for the jettisoning of such a working process come 2023 , when the rotation which started from the Southern axis of the State , naturally goes back there for the required searchlights to be beamed on many of the competent hands in the area by the people of the State.
To avoid being misunderstood, Ndoma Egba is very much entitled to his opinion or support for anybody   for the governorship seat of the state come 2023 but the fact is, based on the principle of rotation, the  occupier of such office should come from southern zone of the State in the spirit of unity , fairness and equality upon which power configuration in the state is being anchored since 1999.
Bar. Ita Essien
Wrote in from Abuja

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