Comr . Daniel Obo Dumps Sen. John Owan Enoh ; The Aftermath By Okan Peter


We must realize that politics is a game of interest that basically leads to alignment and realignment of interest of a person or persons. Therefore, Daniel Obo has a constitutional right to align, dump, decamp or crisscross as it suits or favors him.

It should be noted that this interest could be ideological or otherwise.

However, ideology based politics has been alien to Nigeria’s political milieu. Whatever, Daniel has taken his stance whether his interest is ideology-based or sentiment.

He may not have put the words right in your assertion but the position of the young man is crystal clear, accept it in good faith.

The truth is always bitter, but only the truth can set our conscience free.

The earlier we (Obubra youths) realize that people are using us to make victory and growth for themselves, the better for us.

Daniel’s decision to dump the fellow is personal, the truth is that there is no tree that bears fruits that people don’t throw stones on.

In the past, Daniel had stepped on toes, made enemies and even decamped for a particular interest, all his actions were applauded because it was in your favour. Now, that it doesn’t favour you, you call him all sort of names and alleged he did this and that.

For all those alleging and calling him all sort of names, why didn’t you say it before now? Why is it coming now that his interest is no more in your favour? For keeping mute until he is no longer part of you points to the fact that you are also part of the problems in this country. I won’t be surprise if your master abandons you today and you start telling us all the negative things your master has done in the past.

Youths have generally been rumored to have been used as a tool for election malpractice ranging from ballot snatching, thuggery, online propaganda, etc and Daniel has been able to position himself in a conner were he commands these youths irrespective of party lines. He is a Commander of youths in Obubra, draw a line with him, you draw a line with the new generation.

After the fall out of Daniel emerged on new media, I have taken time to go through all the reactions, post, comments, counter comments and all that, I have been left with the following points;

1. Only Obubra Man can help Obubra and the Obubra people.

2. If Obubra stands united, no force can pull the down in their aspirations considering its populations

3. If Obubra’s total voting strength is taken away from anybody, all the popularity would die naturally

4. If Charity begins at home, its time for the Obubra people to look inward for solutions and not outside

5. Obubra can’t continue being fool or followers to politicians who don’t see Obubra problems as theirs.

6. Only Obubra will help Obubra.

My name is Okan Peter, a concerned Obubra son.

Let the abuse begin!

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