Chris Agara Sure Of Ninety Percent Votes For Atiku In C’River


Dr Chris Agara, the Director General of Atiku Campaign Council in Cross River has said the state would give the former vice president ninety percent of the votes during the presidential elections because he has demonstrated he has the pedigree and capacity to transform the country if given an opportunity

He stated that the massive turn out of people witnessed during Atiku’s visit to the state shows that the people are tired of the situation and want to change the change that was brought by the All Progressives Congress, APC in 2015 which has mostly affectedly the ordinary people in the country.

.“We in Cross River State believe that the president must be someone who has grown an investment on his own outside government because it takes self-discipline, emotional stability and foresight to start a transaction and grow it to a success and this Atiku has done which makes him the highest employer of labour in Adamawa State”.

Speaking to journalist in his home in Calabar on Sunday, Agara backed the plan by former Vice President to privatize the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC if elected president which he sated would be to the benefit of Nigerians because more employment opportunities would be created, petroleum by-products would be produced locally to generate more revenue for the country.

Agara said the Nigerian Labour Congress stand against the sale of NNPC is the fear of job loss by its members but in his opinion its sale would actually create more employment and other opportunities than what presently obtains in the corporation.

“In Nigeria, it is common to look at things from a narrow perspective but Atiku’s position as it concerns the NNPC envisions the creation of employment of Nigerians in millions and not the few thousands that are presently employed there and for more people to develop skills and abilities in the production of petroleum by- products like grease, engine oil and automatic transmission fluid not just premium petroleum spirit.

“Sometimes government exchanges crude for refined products without considering other components of the crude and if we had more functional refineries in Nigeria that would stop and the high cost at which we import ppms would also come to an end”.

He argued that Nigerians should be bothered that with the high quantity of crude produced in Nigeria, the country still imports petroleum products which is wrong and uneconomical.
“I have been in the oil and gas sector for more than thirty years and I can tell you that what is going on there is not in the best interest of the country until we are able to take charge of the sector fully by refining our crude for local consumption and for export”

He said the people of the state will protect their votes and make sure such votes are recorded for the candidates they have voted for and called for free and fair exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,.

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