How would you choose a pickleball paddle?


The rackets for playing pickleball are known as paddles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you have every kind of paddle to meet your style and requirement. Pickleball paddle are made from various materials and they are also available in different shapes and weights. The first paddles comprised of wood. For the next 20-25 years from the beginning of this game, the paddles were built entirely of wood.
But, like other innovations, paddles also witnessed an evolution by Seattle, a high-tech company. The 80’s and the 90 saw a new generation of paddles and this gave birth to the composite paddles. The modern paddles are strong and light. Wooden paddles are inexpensive and therefore, they are still used in local clubs and schools. Different kinds of paddles are sold in the market these days and from there you can find the best paddle matching your style and budget. Remember to buy the best one after looking into the pros and cons of each type.
Basics of the game
Pickleball is a simple game that can be played as singles as well as doubles. Many areas have the courts where you can play this game. According to the specifications and the dimensions, you can set up a pickleball court. The servings are made diagonally and it starts with a right-hand service and it alternates with each serving. The servings should be done with an underhand paddle and the server should keep both feet behind his back at the time of serving. The ball must hit air without bouncing. The serving side shall serve continuously until the time it defaults while serving. At that time, the service will be given to the opponent. Even if the ball reaches the service court touching the net, the serving will be taken over.
The significance of fencing
Fencing a pickleball court is a must. Fencing serves basically two purposes such as i) provide security and ii) have the ball within the play area. Different kinds of fencing are there. Wire fencing is common as it allows light to pass and it is cost-effective also. The court gets the ball within its boundaries. The effectiveness of fencing depends on the height of the fence. Fencing should be covered with an anti-rust material and should be protrusion-free. The net is usually plastic coated. The mesh should be small to prevent the ball from passing through it.

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