Choose Between Light And Darkness – Aggrieved C’Riverian Write Nigeria Senate President


Your Excellency,

Firstly, I congratulate you on your recent victory at the Supreme Court which heralds and symbolizes your survival in the face of unwarranted humiliation, executive intimidation and persecutions. I also commend the Judiciary for reiterating and revalidating it’s position in our comparatively fledgling democracy as the final hope of the common man, after which our recourse can only be to our Creator.

It is also worthy of commendation the tact, finesse, wisdom, maturity and diplomacy with which you have piloted the affairs of the Red Chambers, to the utter admiration of those who truely love Nigeria. You have achieved all of these almost effortlessly with the calmness of a bishop officiating over a tea party.

Distinguished Senate President, Nigerians are privy to news making the rounds that you and some members of the rAPC are being hoodwinked with greek gifts in the guise of AUTOMATIC TICKETS among other juicy offers, so as not to dump the rulling party. Sir, besides the fact the leopard does not change its spot, we Nigerians believe that your politics has gone beyond serving parochial interests, just as you did mention in one of your remarks.

Your Excellency, today Providence has placed you at the centre stage of remoulding our national history. The decision you take is critical to the survival, growth and even existence of our nation. There is an aphorism that “conscience is an open wound only truth can heal” This should not constitute a dilemma, as the disparity is crystal clear.

The choice is yours to make, between light and darkness, between growing our economy and reclining into economic depression, between anarchy and democracy, between competence and mediocrity, between fair play and nepotism, between the wellbeing of our citizens and abject poverty, and above all,

between the daily and wanton slaughtering of Nigerians, in cold blood, being lackadaisically handled by government and having a peaceful society.

Either ways, you stand at the threshold of history. May God guide you!

I am faithfully yours,
Egbede Jarigbe.

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