I Can Defend My Prophecies Any Time , Any Day – Prophet Lazarus Ezeaku (aka Koboko)


With the conclusion of the four day crusade, Thursday, august 17th to Monday, August 21st, of the Soteria Bible Ministries Worldwide, which held at the church No. 20, Obubra Street, Igoli-Ogoja, Cross River State, Sancturay, the church presiding Pastor, Prophet Lazarus Ezeaku aka Koboko, has declared again that as far as he received the divine anointing (Etekwele) with Oil poured on his head, he can defend his prophecies anytime, anywhere.
Some fourteen years ago, tall, defiant, no nonsense, unrespectful of demons and vocal prophet Lazarus was anointed and prepared to punish those who delight in evil and traducing others. The amiable and large hearted man of God, having received divine anointing , no doubt is out to bring succor to demonic oppressed people in this clime, Ogoja.
Like the Apostles of the biblical story whom Christ prepared and sent out to preach, heal the sick, make the Lame walk, raise the dead and make the blind and deft see and hear, Prophet Lazarus, after ordination served in many parishes of the church before he was posted to Ogoja parish where owing to his remarkable and spectacular spiritual performances of using the spiritual symbolic “Koboko” (Water cane) to deal with evil doers, he has been nicked named “Koboko”.
Prophet Lazarus no doubt is creating a stir with divine spiritual prophetic precision. When koboko prophesies, he hits the nail on the head mentioning names and places with precision. His divine ability to pass judgement on those who find pleasure in afflicting others has left many bewildered and seemingly asking, “ is this real?” He punishes afflictors and sets afflicted free.
For every theme of prophet Lazarus crusade or programme, there is a deep symbolism, practicing Jesus Christ use of symbolism- parables in ministration. Songs and clapping of hands ignites the fire in his spirit as he moves delivering prophesies with dead accuracy and precision. He describes vividly locations, environments and surroundings leaving you spell bound.
However, even with the spectacular and wondrous spiritual performances of this modern day prophet, there are those doubting Thomases, but was the greatest man that ever lived- JESUS CHRIST, not doubted in his time?
From biblical accounts, our Lord Jesus Christ performed very remarkable miracles and work which he himself instructed not to be publicized. Prophet Lazarus has not approved of media publicity, but like those who gave publicity to the various astonishing works of our Lord, even though he had forbade them, these supernatural deeds can not be hidden like a lamp cannot be hidden under a bed.
A reknown man of God, Dr. James Mckeever, in his book, supernatural power, asked, “while He was here on earth, do you think that Jesus Christ utilized power not available to you and me?” The answer he said he got from thousands of Christian audience around the world, was almost uniform. “ HE RESTRICTED HIMSELF TO USING ONLY THE POWER THAT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU AND ME”.
He went on, “… most of us have an easy time accepting Christ Divinity, but we have a hard time accepting his humanity” stop and think about it for a moment. Every miracle that Jesus did was also performed by someone else somewhere in the bible.
Jesus raised the dead, but so did Peter, Paul and the prophets in the old Testament ( Acts 9;36-41), 20:8-10. Now consider Matthew 9:8, “ but when the multitude saw it, they marveled, and glorified God which had given such power unto men” is prophet lazarus Ezeaku an exemption?
What then is a miracle? Simple. “things done with supernatural power”. So, things done with supernatural power cannot be explained by natural laws. They are supernatural and beyond the natural. These are things that occur totally outside of the laws of nature. There is nothing natural about them, according to Dr. Mckeever.
If in the book of John 14:12, we learned that “ Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these he shall do…”, why then do you doubt that prophet Lazarus is doing great and remarkable works here in Ogoja?
The bible tells us, “ How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy spirit and with Power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil’ for God was with him” Acts 16:38.
Jesus Christ is recorded “ And when He had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of disease” Matthew 10.
“And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in my name they will cast out demons…… they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover”. Mark 16:17,18.
Why doubt what Prophet Lazarus Ezeaku is doing if the bible has told us it will happen? Signs and wonders.
Now hear this astonishing supernatural feet. A woman’s husband in far away Ebonyi State was shot by arm rubbers and barely a week, her two children were kidnapped for rituals while she layed outside with them for air. She was introduced to Soteria and so she came to Ogoja. She was told about her travails and was required to raise n90,000 as a seed and go to her home church and give the money to her pastor or priest and her children will return back to her. Even one of them that was about to be slaughtered will no longer be killed as God has intervained. She cried and cried because she had no source to raise the money. Like Jesus Christ, Prophet Lazarus had compassion on her and pleaded with members to help her raise the money if they were touched by her plight. That night, the prophet gave her N10,000 while members donated N 78,000. Some weeks later, she said when she returned back to Ebonyi, she sold the palm oil she had stored and completed the money. As she was about going to give it to her church, family members dissuade her saying she should rather put the money into her business and forget going to give to the church as her children were probably dead. She refused to heed and went to her church where even the man of God tried to dissuade her, but she insisted and left the money on the Altar of the church. The following morning she was still in bed when there were strong knocks on her door. She had not even had her morning prayer which she wanted to do first before going out of the house, but when the voices of people insisted, she opened the door and behold, there were her children. The senior child had a deep cut on the back of her neck to show that she was almost slaughtered, but for God’s intervention.
Again hear this. A woman married to a Pastor at Ikom has given birth thrice and on each occasion, the child had died. Now she is again pregnant, but the doctor, clinically has told her the child in the womb was already dead. Divinely, Prophet Lazarus told her she has twins in her womb and that her mother In-law was responsible. Three photographs of the three dead children as she was given the prophecy, were right under the pillow of the mother In-law. She was asked to call her husband, who,, was even against her coming to Soteria preferring an operation to remove the dead child from the womb, to verify in his mothers room and see if it ws a lie. She made the call and minutes its true. She was told that her mother In-law will confes and die after that. That night something wonderful happened as the prophet prayed and the children in the womb that were clinically said to be dead, started kicking in the womb. Two weeks later, this woman, came back to testify that her mother In-law indeed confessed and died. Remarkable isn’t it?
Prophet Lazarus Ezeaku has been nicked named “koboko” Why” Hear this. A young woman has a wonderful relationship going smoothly leading to marriage, but her best friend out of envy and jealousy, dissuaded the man by telling him damning lies about her friend and he suddenly dropped out of sight letting his fiancé confused. The unsuspecting young woman who cried her eyes blue, got to Soteria for the first time and luckily, her file opened and prophet Lazarus told her that her best friend ( Mentions name) was responsible for the broken engagement. The frined who was also in church vehemently denied. provoked by denial which means the Holy Ghost was lieing, the prophet instructed that her name be written on a piece of paper and dropped on the floor which was done. He prayed and gave the symbolic Koboko ( water cane) to the young woman who flogged the paper on the floor. Suddenly, her best friend started screaming and wringing in pains. She did confessed.
This and many other supernatural occurrences and remarkable wonders through the symbolic koboko was what earned the man of God that nick name.
The Etekwele field Marshal, delights and cherish in giving to humanity which is why in Soteria, the secrete of receiving which is by giving freely.
This Divine man of God has severally healed the sick at a distance by simply using who ever brought the complain as a point of contact. You have heard, come and experience the Holy Ghost in action in Soteria Bible Ministries Worldwide.
The Soteria Salvation for all waits you, it is marching on and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it, amen.

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