Buhari Could’ve Bring MKO Abiola To Life If… – Oshiomhole


Former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole believes if President Muhammadu Buhari has supernatural powers, he would have bring back late human rights activist, Chief Moshood Abiola alive in style.

Buhari last week honoured MKO Abiola with a GCFR award and declared June 12 as democracy against all odds.

The move has been commended by All Progressive Congress (APC) Chairmanship aspirant, Oshiomhole even though he would have wanted MKO Abiola back to life.

“There are many things he (Buhari) has done over the past three years that are outstanding in terms of finding the political will and demonstrating statesmanship.

“His decision, which is a bold decision to acknowledge that June 12 cannot be wished away as a non-event, deserves commendation across party divides because for those who voted, it was just a rude shock and pain that about 14 million votes were cancelled; it was like an April Fool’s Day.

“So, for him to acknowledge Abiola in the manner that he did and confer on him posthumously an award meant for people who are presidents mean that he has settled the question.

“The only thing he would have wished to do which he cannot do was to bring Abiola back to life which is beyond human.

“The second thing is the outstanding contribution of Chief Gani Faweinmi because a lot of Nigerians would ask you, what does it take to serve the people?

“For President Buhari to come out and honour Gani Fawehinmi, means there were many activists but Fawehinmi could easily be seen as the foremost among them.

“Not only did every successive government sent him to prison not on account of fighting for his father’s parcel of land but on account of his stubborn insistence that government should deliver to the people,” Oshiomhole added.

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