Boki 1 State Constituency: My victory is certain, says Hon Ikobi


Hon. Ikobi Ikobi, a frontline aspirant for Boki 1 State Constituency in the 2019 general elections has expressed confidence that he `would beat any aspirant’ in the field to emerge victorious for the legislative seat.

Ikobi, who hails from Beebo/Bumaji ward in Boki local government area of Cross River State, was elected a Councillor to represent the ward between 2007-2010.

After a shot at the council level and due to his dynamic representation, he was appointed as the Boki LGA Supervisor for Due Process in 2011.

Upon the conclusion of the appointment, he was again, appointed as a Commissioner in charge of Media and ICT in the Cross River State Carnival Commission, a position he is handling effectively, especially in the selling of the carnival to the international community and his interface with members of the press.

The beauty of Ikobi’s declaration is the fact that he is representing the New Generation at a time where youths are clamouring for elective positions in view of the signing of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run bill into law by President Muhammadu Buhari and the zoning of the legislative seat by stakeholders of the PDP to his area.

Young Ikobi, whose father, late Rev.B.O Ikobi was the pioneer Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Cross River State, enjoys the massive goodwill of his late father who was very transparent and open to all party supporters during his reign.

As a vibrant youth, filled with charisma and courage in the pursuit of his ambition, Ikobi has visited a majority of the wards and stakeholders in his constituency on a consultative mission. The unique part of the visitation was the crowd of cheering supporters, mostly the youths, who usually accompany him during the visits.

Ikobi, said that it was time for the Beebo/Bumaji ward to be given the slot of the state house for equity and fairness, adding that since 1999, Hon. Cletus Obun from Beebo/Bumaji ward did four years, while Alex Ebu from Boje ward did 8 years, explaining further that the Abo ward had gotten their 8 years through Hon. Ernest Eki [2011-2015] and Dr Itam Abang [2015-2019] respectively.

“Because of my track records in elected and appointed offices, I want to authoritatively say that I am the most suitable for the job because my victory is certain. I will defeat any aspirant contesting against me in the primaries and in the polls.

“Legislative business is a very serious business. I have been councillor years back; I am not new to this business. If I am elected into the state house of assembly, I am not going to be a starter or novice, I am going to continue from where I stopped; and going into the house will be like stepping into the office I have been equipped with by learning from the local government.

“As a legislature at the local government level, I did a lot for my people. I was one of the few councillors who went back home after inauguration to tell my people `thank you’ through a thanksgiving service that attracted empowerment for my constituent with my meagre resources. My money went to the field; I did not mould any block to start a building.

“If I am elected to the house, my first charge is to make laws. Back home, I will hold regular town halls meetings with my people to get their plights and feedback and then return to the floor of the assembly, attracts constituency projects for them and equally draw government attention to my constituency’’, he said.

The Director General of Ikobi’s Campaign Organisation, Hon. Douglas Ogar, said It was worthy of note in Boki LGA that almost all the leaders who worked hard to stabilise Boki politically and resourcefully have been rewarded through their sons.

Ogar cited a few examples to incude: Late Ambassador Dr Matthew Mbu, his son, Matthew Mbu Jnr, was elected into the senate from 1999-2003. Late Ogon, his son, Eddy Ogon, was elected into the House of Representatives from 2003-2007, while Mr P.B Etta, his son, Hon. Chris Etta, was elected into the Federal House of Representatives from [2007-2015].

The DG said that the `clarion time is now’, for the current PDP executives and stakeholders in the state, and for all those who have benefitted from the benevolence of Late Rev. B O Ikobi, to do the needful by supporting the candidacy of the young, energetic, dynamic, resourceful and vibrant Ikobi Ikobi for Boki 1 State House of Assembly.

Late Rev. B. O Ikobi died in active service. It will be more rewarding and remarkable if his son is given the needed massive support and encouragement to clinch the legislative seat and making Boki 1 great again.


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