Bobrisky bombs back after TV host Latasha Ngwube said she can’t invite him on her ‘Hot Topics’ show because of his bad english. Lols


Latasha Ngwube – the host of Linda Ikeji TV’s Hot Topics, said she can’t invite Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky to be part of her show’s panel beacuse of his bad english…lols and u know what he fires back..

“Because everytime Bobrisky would speak, I would probably be itching to correct his grammer. I would be like No, stop! It’s not air, it’s hair,” she said.

Quote : latasha Ngwube… you are a fat idoit, ur show is the last show I would think of attending . Cus u and I know I hate you so much, you av tried for long saying hi to me but I ignored. The fat in your body is disturbing. Lolsssssss, interesting

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