I Would Have Become A Bricklayer If Not For Boxing – Anthony Joshua


World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has stated that he was training to be a bricklayer before he ventured into boxing.

The 28-year-old is regarded as the best heavyweight boxing fighter in the world as he holds three of the association belts Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Organization (WBO) and International Boxing Organization (IBO).

The 28-year-old has however come out in a recent interview to state that he was not into boxing at an early age.

In the interview on You Tube, Joshua discussed his likes, dislikes as he stated that he wanted to be a professional bricklayer before he ventured into boxing at the age of 18.

In the interview by JD Sports, Outside the Box Joshua was asked what will you have been if it wasn’t for Boxing.

He said, “I actually started college around the time I started boxing.

“I was learning bricklaying, I was getting my qualification as a bricklayer.”

He went on to state how he want to succedd as a bricklaying and improve on it to be one of the bets around the world.

He said, “The thing I like about briclklaying it is a trade you can take around the world. “It’s a business that you can start, I think I would have gone down the route where I would have to build a in house company be a renovations man and taken it to the next level.”

Joshua is still the highest rated boxer in the world and is set for a unification fight with Wilder in 2019.

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