Ayade’s Aide Launches Platform To Train Youths On Programming / Coding


Prince Michael Nku Abuo the Special Adviser on Student Affairs and Youth Mobilization to Sen Prof Ben Ayade has launched an initiative tagged Project Self Taught Coders-STCs an initiative geared at raising a generation of self taught coders….Join Project Self Taught Coders ( STCs) Initiative

Hello folks…I am starting a journey I had like us to launch together and that’s a journey that is mixed with passion and adventure.The future of the world is in programming.

From AI to software development and astronomy as seen in the latest photos taken of a blackhole.Coding is the future.Like all skills so many persons have taught themselves to code and have written programmes that have revolutionized the world and brought financial liberation to many.

Youths are the future and with our access to the internet you too can learn and we can build a school of self taught coders and challenge ourselves to challenge the world.So this platform is created by me to achieve the said result.We will plan and set goals and share knowledge on here and pick days to meet and brain storm on areas of interest and or challeneges.

And within 6months we can boldly say this is what we have achieved and can now propose and execute solutions to any local or international challenge collectively.We can and will contribute to buy materials and share same to be proficient as we forge ahead, we will teach ourselves and we will set a pace that others will follow and mentor others too.The names and numbers of those on this team will be shared.

After 6months we will progress to the next stage….For now munch on this article: https://medium.com/@rithmschool/anyone-can-learn-to-code-but-coding-isnt-for-everyone-de57aedaed11

Interestingly, this platform to be launched in Calabar will have an online and offline platform that will afford youths of the state and outside the federation the opportunity to become professional software engineers/programmers via our self taught platform were we will share information both online and offline and provide jobs and this much needed skills and jobs in this ever growing industry.Our target is to work with and develop a team of 100 (We may decide to work with more) atmost who will now be fragmented based on area of interest.

If you are interested or have others who are join us via this link and or share this link with them to click on and join us on whatsapp:


…We are evolving and are open to suggestions and inputs and in this digital era you do not need to be in Calabar to be part of us. This is what project STCs is all about.All the resource we need is online and the opportunities as a software developer/programmer is unlimited.Use your date wisely!!

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