Ayade@51: C’Riverians Will Always Be Grateful To God For Having You Says Ogar Eba


The name of the Senator Benedict Ayade,the Executive Governor of Cross River State is now a household name in Global leadership as the “report of fashion in proud Italy”.

He is a leader of leaders; and a true leader at that; because he commands not from the rear, but he braces, with his chest the heat and the chill of all battles. He is the veritable “Knight of the Garter” of our contemporary politics; “valiant and virtuous, full of haughty courage, such as is grown to credit by the wars; not fearing death nor shrinking from distress, but always resolute in most extremes.” Time has proved that where “your ‘good’ word cannot advantage him, your slander never can en-damage him”.

He is petit and unassuming as ‘modest as the dove’; as ‘temperate as the morning’; “for patience, he will prove a second Grissel”; his words are “bonds and his oaths are oracles”; his ‘truth’ is as the ‘truth’ of Martin Luther; it is ‘Marching on’; his code of battle as mosaic as Malcolm X’s: to “Forerun woe with woe”.

His is “courage mounted with occasion”; and although he is not the war-mongering muckraker, yet he is one ready always “to parley or to war” -as the occasion demands. That is the stuff that ‘courage’ is made of: namely that although great men should not be “mutinous in peace” yet when the occasion demands they should be no less “bold at war”.

It is my pleasure to join others in paying tribute to the living legend, my boss,a friend,a father,a mentor,a leader of leaders – a distinguished, consummate entrepreneur and an outstanding philanthropist,an encyclopedia of our modern politics, A highly respected community leader,a friend of substance,the bridge of achievement, his contributions to the socio-economic development of his immediate community, Cross river State, Nigeria and indeed the world at large are immense.

An optimist with awesome managerial acumen, Senator Benedict Ayade built his multi-million business dollar business empire venturing into lifestyle of touching lives.

For many years, Senator Benedict Ayade Controlled the stste’s political arena and has been variously described as the doyen, captain and baron in the field of modern politics. His philanthrophic acts, through his numerous projects, are legendary as he believes in making active contribution to mankind in nearly all facets of life.

No doubt, The Digital Governor is an institution in his own right having achieved so much, given so much and still giving back to society. A man so rich in spirit, character and materials, Senator Benedict Ayade is an inspiration and advisor to many teaching that the most powerful way to inspire others to give is for them to see people giving in their community.

As a man deep in religion, The Governor has not only supported the Christian faith, he has always extended gestures to Islam and other beliefs in no small measures. At this age, still effervescent and full of enthusiasm, it is in itself worthy of praise for any individual to achieve such a landmark age bubbling in health and spirit and credit goes to his Family which has given him such wonderful and loyal support.

On this momentous occasion of his birthday, on behalf of myself, my wife and my children and the entire people of cross river state, I wish him a very happy birthday and many more years of service to humanity. Once again, our own, the commander in chief and the bed rock of cross river state politics, congratulations on your birthday.

Hon.Barrister Alphonsus Ogar Eba,Director General for due process and price intelligence bureau, Cross river state.

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