Ayade Reality Group.” (Creator: Sen. Ben Ayade and Midwife by Dr. Stephen Odey).


Birthed to drive the Sen. Ben Ayade, senatorial achievements and prepare a way for the Governorship Realities. The only group with structures in the 5 LGAs of Northern Cross River then.

The Realities today so visible were pictures of the Ayade’s mind, preached and propagated by the ‘Ayade Reality Group.’

A group with the ‘Ethics of hard work, selflessness, patients, commitment, a new style and focus, directed towards achieving goals outside just the known political jamborees.

A group so unassuming, yet, had a wave of presence liken to thunder. This group saw the Kinetics of today’s crystallizing forces.

It was the first group, Governor Ayade, then Senator of the northern senatorial district left with a question thus, “Why did a state like Cross River, that have all the rich resource potentials, not make something out for Cross Riverians in the first world?

Little wonder then, that during His inaugural speech in 2015, ” The Ayade Realities” in a resource rich state sounded out thus, “I did not inherit a poor state, I inherited a state rich in resource potentials.”

This was followed immediately by the shocking pronouncements of the Signature Projects.

The Deep Sea Port
The Superhighway
The Garment Factory.

The Realities of Governorship set a stage for the revelation of opportunities to create a Cross River where achievements will begin to match ambitions. A state where we will be satisfy with the result of our efforts. A state where our mental abilities galvanized with our physical assets, propels us from a third to a first world state.

Ayade Reality Group is the Ayade opportunities vehicle, the Ayade self creation born through conceptual thought processes.

The Ayade Reality Group is the conveyor belt that propels Ayade in the space of deep visions to kinetic crystalization.

It is like the Master and the good servant deal. “AYADE REALITIES.”

Membership is now open to all across the state.

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