Ayade: Cutting edge between Reward And Politics – Wani Enang


There are two things Gov. Ben Ayade rewards so well, Opposition politics and death.

He doesn’t reward party Loyalty and commitment. That is why once you die, he’ll immediately reappoint you wife, or hurriedly send a few millions to your family.

The other thing he appreciates and reward so well is opposition. If you want Ayade’s attention, just defect and start abusing him, he’ll immediately start giving you money and appointment. I have very classical examples, those who just defected a few days ago in Ogoja LGA, as I speak with you have just finished documentation in the SSG’s office today and have also been issued PDP membership cards.

I’m still thinking of the best name to call this kind of political ideology.

The days ahead will be interesting…

-Wani Enang.

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