Ayade And The Burden Of Leadership


“After eight years, when you look back at the income of the state and where I would have taken the state to, even if you are the son of a devil, you will say Ayade has done well. At that time, even my most ardent critic will say he was wrong.” June, 2019…Sen Prof Ben Ayade, Executive Governor, Cross River State

One of the most difficult ‘things’ on earth to manage are humans and their expectations.It is usually the role of a few to manage the most as seen in democratic dispenstations.Good leadership is an act of managing resources for the good of all.While many would wish to have the role of leading only few get the priviledge of been able to lead and it is rather unfortunate for those who have given a mandate to be led to begin to indirectly or directly work against the said mandate and in some cases those who wished but couldn’t instigate others against the chosen one.

In Cross River State the people spoke with an overwhelming voice in the recently conducted elections saddling the responsibility of leadership on Ayade once again.That trust of re-election means that there’s a believe in the Ayade’s dream/vision.If those vision must be realized then he not only needs our support but we also need to give him time.He-Ayade is an individual and I dare say he can not succeed alone without our support.For a state divided against itself would hardly ever make progress.

As lofty as his dreams/visions are Cross Riverians must uderstand that the intrigues of governance goes beyond him-Ayade as a person.He does mean well but factors plays out most times which are beyond him to delay and sometimes try to frustrate is set goals on every end.

Let us take the Superhighway as an example, this was a project that even the president came himself to perform the ground-breaking, it would have cost the federal government almost nothing to make the said project theirs especially with the president’s support but what played out afterwards was not only sad but somewhat satanic.Those who said it could never be done ended up petitioning, suing and blackmailing the said project, the moment they realized progress was made and some of them still came out to say he-Ayade promised Superhighway and couldnt deliver.Imagine the possibilities lost!! Who has bewitched us?

CRS Waterboard Ltd is another example it faired well while Ortech managed it but internal forces-both civil and some contractual staffs and external forces (Political and cultural) spoke and petitioned against the said management team and few months after handing over the management to thesame forces for “improved” services we now have a dysfunctional Waterboard and who do thesame people and others blame? Ayade!! How sad!!! Let me use this opportunity to appeal to His Excellency, Sen Prof Ben Ayade not to allow the viability of the industries been launched across the state to be killed by thesame management model that made Waterboard dysfunctional.The companies should be run and managed by professionals.

Now a man comes in and says he is working towards mobilizing resources for an industrialized state and embarks on trips to woo investors/follow up with an evidence-based approach and then there’s a disbelief and instigation against his moves and tomorrow some will say his foriegn trips/MOUs are not working? What do we really want?

Let us take the issue of of foriegn trips and Memorandum of Understanding-MOUs as an example.One fact we must note is that at this age and time no one goes into Public Private Partnership without an MOU and most times as a Chief Executive you need to embark on foriegn trips yourself for confirmation of details and to get first hand clues to projections made etc.The fact that an MOU hasn’t worked now doesn’t mean it isnt working or would not work.

Therefore, Ayade’s foriegn trips and MOUs is in place considering his plans for an industrialized state and as a means of investment drive.Ayade’s vision like every vision needs time to manifest and we must remember too that certain visions beyond the strides of an individual can be killed no matter how noble.Considering the debt profile of Cross River State and her financial burden the future of Cross River State is to seek means of generating more funds for the state and the above step by Ayade is in order.As a matter of fact we need more steps and ways to generate more revenue for our state!!

Leadership isn’t about sharing of candies to kindergaterns.It is only in the said instance that you have kids dancing, lauging, smiling and thanking you while benfitting from your “sweets”. In leadership it involves a cycle of unending dynamics beyond fanfare and postulations.It is wise for a leader to understand that when certain strings are drawn and some kind of “noise” made there’s an underlying message.It is now left for such messages to be decoded while focusing on his developmental strides.It is the end that will tell!

I trust and can bet in my heart that Ayade means well for Cross Riverians.Our prayers this time is for God’s wisdom upon him to select lieutenants who will be loyal and true to him in every sense; who will help him selflessly pursue, promote and achieve his visions; ensure that the basics of governance like getting waterboard back to life, improving upon watse management and addressing intra road networks within the state(Constructing the already opened soil and timely addressing potholes); improve upon the pension and gratuity payment systems and addressing the question of Local Government elections to enagage others at the rural level and those to be accountable in cases of inter/intra comnunity clashes; putting an end to the question of payments of levies in our public school; innovation for youth development and revenue generation; revamping the health services in our general hospitals/health facilities etc.

For now let us all as Cross Riverians know that Ayade is mortal.Let us continue to pray for and support him.Let us not forget his sleepless nights, the endless calls, the messages, the divinations and incarnations against his and our collective progress and be undersranding too that we have justone governor and state to call our own and it is also our duty to protect his and our state image beyond ethnic and party sentiments.For Ayade as he is now doesn’t belong to Obudu alone he belongs to each and every LGA as a son and father.God bless Cross River State.Amen!

Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP

Director General, Cross River State Political Network,CRISPON


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