Ayade To Build Police Barracks In Waring Communities



– Andrea Ekeng Inyang

The Security Task Force Committee Chairman Comr. Asu Okang has announced the development of viable security modules by his team for from a week-long intelligence gathering to curb the communal restiveness resulting from boundary disputes between communities in Cross River State and other member States sharing boundary with the State.

The Chairman who expressed worry for young C’riverians who take up arms to kill each other because of “land”, depriving peace and growth thriving in those communities which he describes such act as “alien” and “intolerable” to Crossriverians who are widely known for their peace loving nature which in turn has grossly implications on the imaging of the State beyond.

He noted that their security template is categorized into two broad component; Intra State and Inter State intervention scheme.
He further revealed the recommendations made by the committee for immediate action with full structural designs, the sighting of police barracks and a station at the point of such contention where communal dispute have denied such communities peace.

Designs available for the Inter State boundary resolve is the planting of a storey building police barracks with capacity to house over a hundred policemen. Similarly, fully built police barracks capacity to house over 40 policemen and a police post is the recommendation for the Intra State waring communities.

Also reacting to other security challenges plundering the entire State, he assured of the Governor’s relentless efforts to zero crime rate and ensure that the State is safe for his industrialization drive, with ultimate interest of all citizens who live and invest in, to continue with their various day to day endeavors.

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