Asu Okang’s Aide Berates Gov. Ayade Over Insecurity In Calabar South


Many people would have be delighted to find themselves in a society where security of lives and properties; couple with the basic needs such as provision of standard education and social amenities are guaranteed by any giving government.

However, such was the expectation of a young man known as Andrea Ekeng Inyang in Cross River State, where he complained bitterly with the state of life in State.

Mr Andrea Inyang, who in his writing tone though applauded the tiredless efforts of Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade since his he was elected in 2015, however, called on his attention on certain lapses that he believed could be corrected if his Excellency pay attention on it.

He complained on the rate at which the economic hardship in the state are biting them so hard; a situation which has led many to engage in criminal activities, thereby causing the people sleepless night due to how they parade with sophisticated weapons.

In his words: “I stay in Calabar South.
Sometimes it feels like I’m in a graveyard.
Once night draws nigh, darkness covers everywhere and everything becomes very scary.

“If someone decides to run to catch up an errand, in a twinkle of an eye, the whole place will be unsettled with people taking off and running for safety from absolute nothing.

“It gets so bad that we are very skeptical about masquerades because we have had scenarios where masquerades paraded with AK47 in full glare. Not to mention the armed robbers who disguise as father Christmas to gain entrance into people’s home and commit havoc.

“Poverty is overrated with no real source of livelihood asides from becoming a Keke Rider, Taxi Driver or revenue collector.
Either ways, you have to belong.

“Yes! You must belong to a church (cult group) and learn the choruses quickly so as not to fumble when the leader strikes a song.
It’s really hard for a young child to grow beyond the spoils and rots the place itself is characterized for.

“Just a handful of Government owned primary schools with overcrowded wards, mostly dilapidation structures and very little attention even as their guidance try to meet the near free demands of the school to no avail.

“A whole lot of them had long given up on education and decided a path down the streets to make ends meet, so to put food on the family’s table, hence becoming a more piercing thorn.

“It is a sad story even as I try to pen a few of my frustrations about my city which in itself today have produced some very powerful and influential leaders and Chieftains in the State even as it stands as the first point of contact to the whites in the West of Africa.

“It is even more sad that the very people love the shackles that bounds their growth and threaten their existence.


Screenshot 20180918 093540 - Asu Okang's Aide Berates Gov. Ayade Over Insecurity In Calabar SouthIMG 20180918 093633 108 - Asu Okang's Aide Berates Gov. Ayade Over Insecurity In Calabar SouthIMG 20180918 093645 503 - Asu Okang's Aide Berates Gov. Ayade Over Insecurity In Calabar South

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