Herdsmen and farmers clash: Ugaga clan head and Youth  leader arrested 



The attack by the Fulani herdsmen on the Ugaga-YALA villagers has taken a different turn as the youth leader and the Clan head of Ugaga is been arrested and taken to Calabar on their appearance in the area command Ogoja, 9:am this morning as invited by the police.

How can the police allege that the clan head and the people of the kingdom are in custody of the parts of one Buba who was murdered on the same day in an area not within the confines of Ugaga were the attack took place?

You have asked this persons countless times if there are inclined to anything or in possession of the specimen you’re so in search of and there said no, why the so much hard push as if Nigerians are not aware of the activities of the Fulani herdsmen round and about this country? Why not make your findings else where is it because the Ugaga villagers are victim of circumstance? As at when that crisis took place the people you apprehended where in the police station to seek your presence to calm down the situation and in same vain give succor and security to the people of the village, can’t still reconcile all these. That there was a mayhem in the community doesn’t mean there was a reprisal attack, such submissions had been made before by the scape goats you are now holding responsible, what else are you people looking for?

Now, what are your bases for these arrest? Where there caught with anything incriminating? Where there caught at any scene of murder? Did the incidence took place around the Ugaga village? What are your evidence or evidences that the Ugaga knows about the murder of Buba and his parts cut off and taken away? We don’t feed on flesh like carnivores, we don’t drink blood like vampires does, YALA is a peaceful and hospitable place, we don’t sheared blood.

Information is making rounds since the inception of this crisis that the so called Buba has stepped on so many toes, who knows if the same persons he has issues with took advantage of the crisis in Ugaga and quietly killed him just to affiliate it with the Fulani herdsmen mayhem on Ugaga man as a counter banter by the Ugaga villagers. We are suppose to be the ones laying claims and charges but yet seeking peace as we are known for and for the benefit of our children, women and the aged who has lost strength and vitals to engage in a fight.

This is pure injustice and oppression, the Governor Prof. Ben Ayade and other meaning Ugaga, YALA sons and daughters cut across Cross River needs to be aware so as to swing into action before this whole thing turns into something that will be uncontrollable. Look for the parts of Buba to a ritualist abode or shrine maybe you may be lucky, just try else where there don’t have it, leave our clan head, the youths and the youth leader alone, there are totally out of this, there don’t know!


Credit : Okwori Andre

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