Ambode Surpassed Expectations Of Many Lagosians With Sterling Achievements – Achike Chude


Social commentator and political analyst, Chude Achike says the administration of Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has exceeded the expectations of many Lagosians going by his landmark infrastructural projects.

Speaking on Wednesday during ‘Lagos Today’ on Lagos Television (LTV) monitored by Thepledge, Mr Achike, who appreciated the efforts made by President Muhammadu Buhari to commission some of the major projects, said that Gov Ambode’s desire and determination to ensure that he delivers the best for Lagosians was the brain behind his masterpiece achievements.

“One thing is to have the resources, another thing is to have the political will. Even if some of them have the resources, do they have the will to do something like this? It’s all about the decision you have. It’s all about the ambitions you have. And this ambition is not personal. It is an ambition you have on behalf of the people because you want to leave a legacy. The governor will be leaving office and he won’t carry any of the projects with him. But he will be leaving it for posterity, where people can point at what he has achieved. It will also serve as a challenge for his successor who will take over from him in order to surpass his achievements.

“This also give the people a sense of satisfaction considering the fact that the governor they voted for didn’t disappoint them while in power. Besides, there is a test that have been set aside by the constitution that every four years those elected into power must be subjected by the approval of the people; meaning some may be kicked out after four years in power if they fail to achieve something positive.

“I want to believe that this will become a dynamics, where projects like this will endure in the minds of the people. You should understand that it has taken some countries 100 years to achieve what they are presently enjoying but that doesn’t mean we should wait for 100 years as well. But the reality is that because of our level of development of our political sphere,you must make sure that our leaders are not relaxed.

He also believed that the commissioned projects by President Buhari would have economic and administrative impacts on the state.

“Administration level, you have a major business point that’s the multi-level bus transport park at Oshodi and it’s good that we have this kind of monument there. But unfortunately, because Nigeria is a federation we must have a linkage between one part of the country and another part of the country; so we have a situation where one part gets to school eight and you are not able to do your own part. So, it impart negatively on the good things you have done on the other side. The truth is that we must have that synergy between one part of the country and the other part of the country for collective movement.

‘This is something people want to be proud and associated with at every given point in time. And you want to do as much as possible to make the people happy. That’s exactly what we have seen with the administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. This project will diminished the usual traffic situation at Oshodi and you know that at most times it is always chaotic.

“The economic impact of the continuous movement of Nigerians from one point of business transaction or the other can’t be quantified; most especially when the transportation aspect is done properly. Besides, the railway system is also a frontier for most of those advanced countries and we need something mini like this to have positive impact on the people. Look at the airport for instance, some people will take that route and feel so surprised to see the massive changes that have taken place there.”

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