The Akwa Ibom and Cross River State Houses of Assembly have set up a Joint Legislative Committee to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the communal clashes between the and Itu in Akwa Ibom State.
Members of the committee include: Hon Bassy Akiba member representing Odukpani State Constituency, Hon Okon Ephraim representing Calabar South, the member representing Itu State Constituency as well as the member representing Ibiono Ibom, while the Deputy Clerk of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Mr. Emmanuel Erim is to serve as the Committee secretary.
The setting up of the legislative committee was part of the resolutions taken during a joint sitting of both Houses of Assembly held recently at Uyo, Akwa Ibom state after Hon Akiba presented the perennial communal clashes between the border communities of Odukpani in Cross River state and Itu in Akwa Ibom state as a matter of urgent public interest during plenary.
Akiba decried the wanton destruction of lives and property resulting from the communal clashes between the two sister states noting that it was the responsibility of the legislature to protect the rights of the citizens.
In separate remarks, the speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly Rt. (Hon) John Gual Lebo and his Akwa Ibom State Counterpart, Rt. (Hon) Onofiok Luke, as well as other legislators all condemned in strong terms the communal clashes emphasizing the need for peaceful co-habitation by both states.
Members also resolved that the inhabitants of the affected communities should endorse peace while security agencies in both states should ensure adequate security of lives and property.
Members further resolved that the Emergency Management Agencies of both States should as a matter of urgency provide relieve materials and support to Communities adding that the legislative committee should revert back to the house during the next joint sitting.

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