Our Administration Will Focus On Providing Water Supply, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Says Gov Ayade


In a bid to ensure that adequate water supply are provided all virtually all the communities in the state, Dr Betta Edu has disclosed that the administration of governor Ben Ayade is working round the clock to provide the financial means to meet up with the people’s demand.

Water supply, sanitation and solid waste management are three key areas that his Excellency has decided to focus on in his next projects after the May 29 inauguration ceremony.

Having developed a road map to tackle such challenges, Gov Ayade has mapped out plans to engage multi national organization and groups that would support in the achievements of his vision.

According to Betta Edu, “Cross River State of Nigeria is the tourism destination of choice. The state is governed by a man of vision, one that has the heart and ears for the needs of the people. A charismatic governor that, since he came into office, has been exploring different ways to make life better for his people and in his first term has won the heart of his people by his humanitarian approach to leadership. It is the same drive to ensure that the very deep needs of his people are met that moved him to declare his determination to endure that every compound must have access to a public standpipe not more than 100metres radius.

“That every household in Cross River State must have access to toilet as a result of sustained behaviour changed that will eradicate Open Defecation (OD) from the whole of the state. That there will be institutional Latrines everywhere – on the highways, in motor parks, in public places so that anyone who has need for a toilet or a place to bath will readily have access to one.

“That every urban city in the state will have a sustainable waste management system with a waste to wealth component. While within the context of the current situation in the country this may sound as a fantasy or wishful thinking, this is not the case. This is a visionary move that has high priority for the governor and that is why he kicked off his mission with the declaration in Johannesburg, South Africa in December 2018, where he made a commitment to the whole world that his government will commit three million US dollars per annum for the next five years for a total of fifteen million dollars to achieve his vision.He takes the world stage today at Global Citizens Berlin Live to affirm his earlier declaration.

“This mission is to clearly outline the vision of the governor, to layout the process of achieving it which will include the plans for coming up with a comprehensive roadmap that will have the support of key sector actors and strategic donors.

Last year, Cross River State heard Global Citizens’ calls for action for clean water and sanitation.

At the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100, Director General of Cross River’s Primary Healthcare Agency Dr Betta Edu committed on my behalf fifteen million dollars over the next five years for clean water and ending open defecation in our state.

We remain committed to this pledge, as well as becoming the first open defecation free state in Nigeria.

I therefore confirm that I have already unlocked 2 million dollars and commit to unlocking 1 million dollars before the end of this year for safe water, sanitation. This will support RUSPIN to promote sanitation education, behavior change, and ultimately ending open defecation for the people of our beautiful state.

This funding is crucial, but we need donors and agencies to help, so I invite all partners to join our mission for a water and sanitation secure Cross River, Nigeria, and world.

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