A MEDITATION ON THE TIMES (world peace) – Kelvin Obambon


Peace will continue to elude the world so long as injustice permeates every strata of the society.

Looking at the world today, there is every reason for violence to pervade. The misery in one place translate into opportunity for wealth creation in another. Just as in the same way one man’s misfortune presents another with break-through.

The wanton poverty in Africa and the Middle East that cast those who live in the region into sorrow is that same poverty upon which the prosperity of Europe and America is build. To those who live in those continents, Africa’s prosperity is a collective threat to their wealth and power. Hence, hypocrisy is what characterized their politico-economic, social and cultural diplomacy. While Africa and the Middle East ravage in wars and social strife, the western world sit comfortably in their fortress to stock the wildfire by sending in advanced weapons of destruction. At another point, they make Africa erroneously believe they are making genuine effort to establish peace and stability in the continent, whereas, deep down their hearts, they know very well what they are up to.

The illusion which holds that war is a prerequisite for peace is misleading, and the very undoing of African leaders, wholesaled to them by the westerners after they had experimented, albeit, unsuccessfully, with the first and second world wars. Most western countries have attained a fair degree of social justice which accounts for the domestic tranquility they enjoy, apart from threats from external forces.
Moving down to Africa, injustice reign supreme in every nooks and corners. Those perpetrated by governments against citizens, citizens against fellow citizens and citizens against governments. All these culminate in civil crisis, leading to humanitarian disaster which the west are having a fair share.

Greed is a perculiar traits to the human race, but much more perculiar to the black race.


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