Why the increase in Domestic Violence?


I remain one with huge experiences in relationships, every of my relationship has got a lesson to enrich my person and I thank God for all that love has brought to me

Relationship had remained a hurtful encounter, I have perceived it as mutual slavery, with two persons condemned to live together for life. Being a Catholic and trained by the Catholic Church I so believed in the “till death do us part” doctrine and the doctrine of the “two become one”

I have come to belief the doctrine “till death do us part” should only apply when the doctrine of “the two become one” exist visibly in a relationship. However, the mystery of “the two become one” had over the years appeared a lie to me, true love was never seen as a possibility. Can two different persons be truly one? Before now my answer would have been in the negative, but a new experience is actually changing the answer to the positive. Yes love can make the opposite two become one, I was told it can but now I have experienced that love can turn two into one.

Sadly, the experience of marriages and relationship seems to show increasing animosity amongst couples than true love. I think increasing suspicion and over expectations have created a distrust that makes the impossibility of two becoming one.

In a glaring description, most marriages and relationship creates situations where animosity rather than oneness reigns. Yes the living together becomes a prison and hell.

Most women are increasingly becoming pest waiting to strangulate the man with excessive demands. Their insatiability knows no bound. They quickly go out to other men to make up when the man cannot provide for her needs (sometimes real and most times excessive), the need for housekeeping, children needs and education, bills etc, can frustrate a man and sometimes lead him to a hell on earth or even suicide. Come to think of it, how many young gainfully employed married men can meet up with these needs from a honest application of their salary? How many young men can meet the flamboyant expectations of the young girls of today? What is the percentage of employed married men? Should the unemployed with a greater percentage be left out of marriage? How many women include thought of how to run of their homes in their choice of life partner? Most of these women expect fast food, outings etc that can cost 1/6 of a man’s salary, just for an outing excluding other expenditures in a day. In fact only criminals with dishonest ways of making money can meet the demand of most modern women. A regular salary man will only be a slave in attempt to define his manhood by marrying extravagant women whose demands are akin to those of a prostitute

On the other hand, most men become slave masters because they have won the heart of a woman whom they pay bills. The fact that they have made a fortune and have seen a woman who they find joy spending stolen or looted funds makes such men perceive the woman as a slave bought with looted funds. It is so difficult to lavish hard earned monies, only illegally acquired monies are lavished

Most men with money treat their wives like they treat a prostitute. This is so because, the days of courting saw the woman acting not different from a prostitute by her excessive demands. So the men become excessively promiscuous, they can always pick and drop any woman including their supposed wives because it was money that bought her into slavery not true love. These men who have a mentality of buying love never lacks love, three or four women can even do a twosome or threesome with them if money is involved. This is because, at no point was the two ever one, there was no meeting of souls but individuals getting trilled by contact with the material things for fleeting emotions.

Most marriages become homes of animosity rather than love. The man and the woman build walls of hell and imprison themselves into the den of hell. Living in hell, hate, distrust, insatiability etc, the marriage gets soar and soon turn into a battle field that have been the reason for most domestic violence

If the two cannot be one, there is no need for the till death do us part, if it is not working, my advice is you pull out before you are tempted to kill each other. The experience of killing ones partner for whatever reason should make us always think of breaking the doctrine of till death do us part in other to be happy in a home than live the rest of your life in prison

Where the two are not one, there should not be the till death do us part

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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