For Women Of Tomorrow By John Chizoba Vincent


We are still painting and repainting to capture your tomorrow,

On this palms have we counted your glorious glee smiles.
We will not maltreat you like our fathers did yesterday
None of us will take advantage of your timid care to hurt you.
We’ll kiss and hold you for long into a boiling spring
Till rebellious letters stray into realms that delight
God’s bewilderment. We are these school of thought
That uphold women in high esteem and found rhythm in
Stuck leash of women whose joy are found in men’s arms.

Come home to the embraces of African men not whites,
A wise ignorance never leads men of great wisdom home.
You own this world and men stand as a massager to you,
We have learn and unlearn the spring that gladden the sun
When the whole world goes to sleep. The burning coal of your
Eyes is the flaming colours that makes us who we are.
For you are not broken but gleaming like the sky’s bodies.
Your mothers will teach you how to make a man’s colour blossom,
How to satisfy a man close to pleasurable death of excitement.

This is our inheritance and treasures as an Africans
We are water and fire in the vessels of this earth
We’ll not leave behind sighs and cough begging for normal life;
For you women are the shredded thunder, hot peaceful moon,
the girth which our legs spread to receive in abundance.
Take care of this land for us in smile and laughter
Take this notch of braveness thrown across its cusps,
We were lost. I thought we were lost yesterday
But now you can find these African men in their plight.

When angels were stained with blood in our souls
And our eyes beheld the silent shrine built yesterday,
And our pointers, lurking in empty rooms for hope,
We’ll not look for the footprint of our fathers on the sand.
Sure, you’ll not look for that of your mothers in the kitchen
Because they made us fearful gazing at the darkness that
Comb our surroundings, they told us ghosts are found there.
This is our dreams that we unite to conquer divorce,
Cage feminism that made women of today insane.

Yours Poetically,
© John Chizoba Vincent.

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