The Pulchritudinous Woman By Comr.  Onuoha Chidimma


Gone are the days women are not regarded as a child in the family, although I took it to be ignorant from the myopic ways of reasoning of the antiquated people. But recently women are now the breadwinners of most families because of the fact that they remain a panjandrum in the society of today.

I urge Every women to participate in societal relevance as well As to make sure we are not placed as Irrelevant objects. We are now so important to the society because w go to school, we have a lot of tolerance for stress even when others gives up on the societies of today,we they women do not. Women maintain the family, procreate, go through labour difficulties, serve as backbone to our husbands and still come out to be the most vitreous and wonderfully made creatures of our today.
No wonder it is said that *behind every successful man there certainly is a woman*
A woman of substancial value
A woman is…………

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