2020 U.S Election: We’ll Curb Any Form Of Meddling, Says Facebook’s Zuckerberg


Facebook Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has assured Americans that the social network would work out modalities on how to checkmate any form of meddling in the 2020 U.S Presidential election.

Zuckerberg stated this on Thursday during a live interview on Cable News Network (CNN) that was monitored by Voplink, where he revealed that the political interest of the nation would be protected against foreign manipulation.

“We’ve learned a lot since 2016, where, obviously, we were behind where we needed to be on defences for nation states trying to interfere,” he said in a “Good Morning America’’ interview released on Thursday.

“These aren’t things that you ever fully solve, right? They’re ongoing arms races, where we need to make sure that our systems stay ahead of the sophisticated bad actors, who are just always going to try to game them.”

“At this point, (we) have probably some of the most-advanced systems of any company or government in the world for preventing the kind of tactics that Russia and now other countries, as well, have tried,” Zuckerberg said.

Asked if he could guarantee that there would not be interference in the election, Zuckerberg said, “What I can guarantee is that they’re definitely going to try.”

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